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The Importance of a Good Night's Sleep

How important is sleep?  

Well some researchers believe that lack of sleep or good restful sleep can lead to a lot of medical conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and more!  There are also studies that suggest our mental state is bettered when we sleep more restful.  Restful sleep is said to provide better brain function and emotional well being.

Then there is the performance of our daily activities.  We all know when we sleep well we seem to have a happy and more productive day.

How to Make a Bed

I know it sounds pretty simple, but some people have written me that they really do not know the correct way to make their bed!

So here is a helpful guide to help guide you to a nicely made bed:

First the Basics:

Then the additional items to complete the look:

Now everyone has a different way of doing these, however this is the basics!  Add your own style and flair, bed scarf or what have you!

Enjoy and Happy Bed Making!


Happy New Year!

Years ago, I always had the intention of getting healthier and going greener in my daily life and the lives of my family members.  I always thought like most people this would be an expensive endeavor.  For some things that may be the case, however I have come to find in creating Lacuna, that it is much easier than you think.  

I have done a lot of the work for YOU in creating this company!  All my countless hours of education and research, product creation and trial and error - I have done for you!

Layering the Scent?

Layering the Scent?

With the winter months approaching it is not as important to layer your scent as much as to do so with moisturizing!

With our Natural and Organic Sugar Scrubs, your skin is left with the perfect balance of moisture.  Layer it with the hydrating mist that contains organic aloe vera juice for natural hydration.  

These two steps are a fabulous foundation for adding your favorite cologne or perfume, as they are natural and delicate and will not interfere with fragrance.

Enjoy the hydration!

Summer Time Light Bedding Tip

In the summertime you do not want a heavy comforter on your bed.  However, you do not want to leave your bed unmade with just a blanket.

This tip makes your bedding light and comfortable to sleep under, as well as keep your bed making easy and your bed look made no matter who decides to surprise you with a visit!

Take our duvet cover set and leave the comforter out of it!

This way you have a light bed topper that keeps the bed looking made, but has a light weight to be able to sleep under!

Duvet Cover sets come in Queen and King sizes and in any of our 12 devine colors!
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